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What type of musicals do you like to see? Please don't say High School Musical. In all seriousness, there are some classic favorites like Grease and many other famous Broadway hits. Then there is the new, the six time Tony Award winning Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. This is a big hit already as you can imagine, and The Washington Post makes a historical reference about this musical being such a remarkable show. Ticket sites everywhere online are buzzing with opportunities to see the live show on Broadway.

It sounds rather hip if you will to see something more modern as a musical this time around, doesn't it? The press for it is really interesting, everything it says in the synopsis about the letter, the lie and the life. That sounds intriguing, and so you know that you are in for a Broadway play that has a very good story. However, what is the music like for this show?

These days it is quite easy to check out soundtracks online. Listen to some music and prepare yourself to see the performance on stage that has everyone talking. One source talks about this musical being a show for everyone, even the critics. It truly sounds like it has a little bit of everything. Time Magazine calls it heart scorching, and that's even more intriguing.

When it comes to Dear Evan Hansen Broadway goers are certainly paying attention, so you might as well take that as a sign. Instead of seeing a musical you already know the story to or playing hit or miss without a review, listen to what this review is saying. I don't mind giving my endorsement because I would want to see it myself. It would be a very interesting show and one that seems logical to pick when going to see a Broadway Musical.

For sure, I would like to see The Sound of Music, but I would want to see Dear Evan Hansen first. There are other glowing reviews left by other reputable sources, too. Those grouped with this review and the six Tony Awards should have you browsing for tickets. No I'm not shy when I believe in something. I believe this sounds like a great Broadway show. Ben Platt is Evan Hansen, and now it is time to get familiar with the rest of the cast. The main site does say there is limited ticket availability. If you want to see Dear Evan Hansen Broadway is calling. We provide discount Tickets to Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box Theatre in New York City.



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