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Top-quality espresso machine for home use can make excellent coffee beverages and let users get the most out of their favorite coffee beans. This equipment is designed to produce rich, concentrated and dark brews favored by coffee shops and Italian bistros. Make sure that your coffee beans are finely packed and ground to offer a strong coffee called a shot that is drunk from miniature cups. When making any milk-based drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos, milk must be heated separately using a special frothing tube of this machine. Its basic purpose is blasting steam into milk, thus, whipping it to froth.

If you have a good espresso machine at home, you can save money, because you donít need to buy favorite beverages at coffee stands. Besides, this equipment provides a kitchen with a professional touch. Modern consumers have quite high personal expectations when it comes to available coffee machines, and thatís why manufacturers do their best to design outstanding espresso machines for home use. They have similar characteristics to a commercial type of this equipment. If you get a top-rated espresso maker, you can even impress someone who works at Starbucks.

Excellent and Affordable Espresso Maker for Home Use with Commercial Quality

Breville Barista is rated very high for its tea and coffee preparation. Many consumers like this espresso maker, because itís quite easy to use and it makes delicious lattes, espressos and cappuccinos. Breville BES870XL has its built-in burr grinder which limits the time between extraction and grinding to a few seconds. We all know that fresh coffee is the best!

Users can choose different grind settings, and they range from coarse to fine. Itís also possible to adjust the amount of fresh coffee grounds that go into a filter basket. Press a special filter size button to inform whether you want a double or single-wall filter basket to be used. Each package comes with four filter baskets included:

  • 2 single-wall and non-pressurized filters that offer a great possibility to experiment with a variety of ground sizes, amounts and pressure, so they are perfect for users who are experienced in making espresso drinks;

  • 2 double-wall pressurized filters that take your guess work out of tamping, so they are great for beginners.

A 54 mm tamper is included in the package, and it has its magnetized storage, which is easy to remove for tamping and storing back. Although this espresso machine has a smaller size stainless steel portafilter compared to its commercial size, itís made with certain professional style spouts. Itís also quite simple to empty it after brewing, because coffee grounds become dry. This feature makes it easy to knock it out. At the back of this unit, you can find a 2-liter removable water tank that comes with water filter that is easy to fill with water at a sink or at the machine.

PID or proportional-integral-derivative temperature control is another great benefit of Breville BES870XL, and it offers accurate control over brew water temperatures. This feature is essential if you want to make consistent shots, and itís usually found on higher-end models. When users are ready to steam milk and make their favorite lattes or cappuccinos, it takes about 30 seconds for this espresso maker to offer the necessary steam temperature. Finally, its steaming wand is mounted on a 360-degree swivel joint, which allows it to offer well-textured milk fast and easily.


The true happiness of a top-quality espresso is available whenever you want if you have this espresso machine. Itís the best-selling unit and one of the most popular semi-automated machines in the modern market. It has quite a strong linear unit design, including stainless steel side panels and an iron frame. These materials are famous for their durability and long-time service. If you want to make delicious and quality espresso drinks for a long time, this espresso machine is your top option.

Rancilio Silvia is available at quite a reasonable price while being such a serious device. Installing PID control and a good grinder in it will help you benefit from its full potential, because you will get professional and ideal espresso drinks each time, and your friends will really appreciate them. This maker is quite popular, so itís easy to find helpful online tutorials and tips on making excellent lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and other specialty drinks.

There are different commercial-grade elements built into this espresso maker, including its commercial-quality group head designed to provide only premium extraction and exceptional heat stability. Besides, its 58 mm portafilter is included in the package, and this feature is common for commercial espresso makers.

Many users are impressed with its 12 oz brass boiler, because it has amazing steaming power in addition to quick recovery time between the shots. This boiler has the largest capacity among all espresso machines for home use in this class. It also has a perfectly designed steam knob and articulating steam wand, which allows users to benefit from a full range of motion and steam milk for favorite lattes or cappuccinos. Other important components that come with each package include a plastic tamper, 7g coffee scoop and 2 filter baskets for double and single shots.

Gaggia Classic 14101

Itís the best espresso machine for home use under $500. Basically, itís built in Italy, and itís named as a top unit for this price. This espresso maker combines classic design and advanced technologies to make top-quality espressos, cappuccinos and lattes while offering a number of benefits of commercial systems. Its high-quality unit consists of a high-powered pump, durable stainless steel body, high-voltage boiler, independent expansion valve and others that get hot very fast.

Donít forget about a three-way solenoid valve, because it offers instant pressure release from a group head when an espresso pull is finished. This feature allows a portafilter to be taken off and preferred for the next espresso drink. Portafilters and a group head are made of chrome-plated and heavy-duty brass.

This amazing espresso maker can work with coffee pods, and itís created to make two cups of espresso at the same time. There are other convenient characteristics, including a hot water dispenser, frothing wand for cream, cup warmer, etc. Its water reservoir (72 oz) is easy to remove both for filling and cleaning. The accessories that come with each package also include coffee tamper, double and single shot filter baskets and 7 g scoop.

Many users are 100% satisfied with this top-quality espresso machine, because itís robustly constructed, has a good look and produces delicious espresso drinks each time. However, if you want to enjoy a really perfect espresso, be sure to use a good grinder, including Gaggia MDF, with a premium-quality grind set. Pay attention to Capresso 560 Infinity, because this burr grinder is more affordable and provides users with excellent results.

In conclusion, this espresso machine compares well with different commercial-use espresso makers according to consumers who have experience working at coffee shops. All switches, including brew, power and steam, are very easy to use. Its water reservoir is easy to fill, but the most important thing is that this espresso machine always makes rich crema shots. Although its frothing capability is quite good, some users complain that they donít like the steam wand, because it canít rotate in each direction, unlike in many other espresso machines.

Owners of Gaggia Classic 14101 benefit from the true art of coffee making, because they always get the right fineness degree in tamping and grinding with appropriate pressure. This unit will let you enjoy a top-quality espresso beverage each time. Do you want to achieve the best results when using it? Use bottled water as other consumers suggest.




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