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Key Facts About Buying Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

If you purchase tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, you know you will be watching what is perhaps the most historically successful AFC franchise in history while sitting inside the impressive confines of Heinz Field. Given the team's longstanding tradition of securing the finest talent both on as well as off the field, Pittsburgh is one of the NFL's most solid standard bearers. Steelers fans, equipped with their Terrible Towels are another critical element in what is always a terrific experience. Whether the team is taking on the Ravens or the Bengals, there is no reason to miss any of the thrills and spills of this season's games. Simply complete the process below in order to select the seats from which you will admire the Black and Gold warriors this year.

Cost Of Steelers Tickets

Regardless of the budget you bring to the table, we have a ticket option to suit. In order to get a feel for the cost of Steelers seats, just click our red button to choose a game and review available tickets.

Most Affordable Tickets For Pittsburgh Steelers Games

Vivid Seats is known for having a terrific selection of affordably priced tickets. This season, the "get-in" price, or the lowest cost ticket to a home game will be $11.00. Of course, pricing changes according to demand and current inventory, so the time to obtain the Steelers tickets and the price point you want is right now!

Steelers home games are played at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, where the team has been located since 2001. With over 65,000 enthusiastic fans on hand for games, there is no denying the impact the cheering horde tends to have on visitors. The Heinz Field sideline near sections 130-139 is the location of the home team's bench, making it a particularly appealing spot for seats. To learn more about parking at Heinz Field, check out our handy Steelers game guide.

There is no doubt about the Steelers' place in football lore as well as its bright future. With league leading total of six Super Bowl wins, over 25 playoff bids and more than 15 divisional titles, few teams can rival the track record of success that characterizes Pittsburgh.



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